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Home Solar Energy Solutions

The energy from the Sun is the most available energy source on the Earth. Solar Energy is being adapted more frequently as it is made affordable to homeowners through reduced manufacturing costs, and Federal and local utility rebates.

Solar energy solutions can be used nationwide, but the constant sunshine we experience in Florida puts us number one on the East Coast for generating electricity from photovoltaic panels.

There are different "flavors" of solar that you can use for your home. Some solutions are used to provide electricity while others are used to heat water instead of a gas fired boiler. Learn more below, or call Action Heating & Air Conditioning today at (904) 819-0234.
Solar Energy
Solar PV Panels
Solar PV Systems
Solar PV panels are used to turn sunlight into electricity. Silicon wafers capture photons from sunlight and turn them into DC power, which is then transformed into 120 volt AC power and connected to your existing electrical system as well as the local electrical grid.

If your Solar Panels produce too much power, the excess will travel backwards to the grid in a process called net metering. Your meter can literally spin backwards when you generate more than you consume.
Solar PV Panels
Solar Hot Water System
It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Typically, up to 30% of a home's energy consumption is used just to heat water for bathing, laundry and cleaning. By installing a solar hot water system, typical savings are $50-$80 per month depending on hot water usage, thereby saving money and reducing pollution at the same time. Installing a solar hot water system is typically the first and most cost-effective step when turning to the sun for energy. Even if a photovoltaic system is your primary interest, a solar (thermal) hot water system along with a PV system will provide the best economics and space-efficiency on your roof.
Solar PV Panels
Solar Pool heating System
heating swimming pools with the sun can save thousands of dollars in energy costs to keep a pool at the preferred temperature. Even if no LP/natural gas or electric pool heater is installed, a solar pool heater will significantly extend your swim season. If shading or an enclosure is keeping your pool even cooler, heating with solar is likely to be the best long-term option. Solar pool panels are made of a flexible and durable polymer material, and come in a variety of sizes that can be attached to a roof or ground-mounted on a framework.
For even more information on Florida solar energy solutions, visit our site dedicated to this topic where you can obtain information about rebates and other incentives: solar energy solutions.
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