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New Construction

Florida Construction

We meet the needs of the most prestigious builders and developers . . . and their clients

You need to complete your project on time and on budget. We are driven to make your work easier by putting our sophisticated installation capabilities and project management skills to work for you and your clients.

At Action Heating and Air Conditioning we have the resources and the abilities to design, estimate, and install new air conditioning, refrigeration and dehumidification systems.

We focus on light commercial and residential construction. Quite often we consult with builders and their clients to be certain that the air conditioning system meets the expectations and lifestyle of the client.

We offer a wide range of new construction services for projects that range from office buildings to wine cellars and everything in between:

  1. Tenant Improvements
  2. Remodel and Renovation
  3. Additions
  4. New Home heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  5. Exhaust Systems
  6. Specialized Diffusers & Air Distribution
  7. Solar Options - Learn more about Solar water heating (SWH) and Solar electric (PV)

You Can Count on High Levels of Technical and Engineering Expertise

Our design/estimating department, headed up by Michael Stover, is capable of performing all the necessary heat loads, energy calculations and air flow designs required for new construction projects. We are able to import CAD drawings from architects via the Internet or computer disk and overlay our HVAC layout directly on top of the drawing. At that point it can be incorporated into the architectís drawings for permit. Likewise, we take engineers pre-existing drawings and estimate those based on their plans and specifications.

Florida Construction

We Can Turn Architectural Plans into Working Reality for Your Project

Our new construction installation departments, headed up by Jeff Wilder and Steve Hill, are charged with the task of turning the plans and designs into working reality. Action Heating & Air Conditioning has its own duct fabricating shop on site, which greatly speeds up the installation process.

We have dedicated employees specializing in duct cutting and installation as well as piping, equipment setting and start up.

Of course, our installation department is completely backed up by our outstanding service department and our satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind everything that we install.


Why go solar?
Simply put, it makes sense.

As a homebuilder, chances are youíre already considering solar options for your upcoming projects. You know itís the right thing to do for the planet. You know that solar options are readily available on todayís market. You know that the price of solar continues to drop as technology advances rapidly and rebates and incentives become commonplace. And because your customers tell you they want green features in their homes, it wonít surprise you to learn that homes with solar options sell as much as two times faster than homes without.

But whether you build solar into your homes from the outset or make them ready for solar down the road, you need to understand whatís involved. You need information. You need to know where to find that information and how to tailor it to your location and circumstances. You need to know how to assemble your solar team and to understand what you what you should expect from each of those professionals.


Types of Solar Energy

Learn more about Solar water heating (SWH) and Solar electric (PV).

solar thermal collectors

Working with todayís technologies
will give your company the
confidence to take advantage of the
ongoing advances that are emerging
from the solar industry.

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